Let's Begin.

As I sit here, with lots of thought waning over my head, I realized that I finally needed to "just do it".  Yes, I have deadlines tomorrow.  Yes, I have chores to do tonight.  Yes, I have to wake up early to prepare for an important meeting.  All of that doesn't matter right now.  My promise to myself for multi-dimensional growth is first priority at this moment.  Not all that "other stuff" in my life.

I've been contemplating a blog for awhile, so that I may share what I learn, recommend and think.  I actually did have a blog once, back a few years ago now, where I chronicled my adventures through a Figure & Fitness Contest prep.  I haven't blogged since then, nor have I felt the calling to - until now.

I plan on posting about a variety of topics, as my thoughts ebb and flow.  My goal for this blog is to create a community of interested readers, who have interest in living in a more peaceful, ethical and loving reality.  One may ask simply, what can one person do?  Well, I intend to find out...and share.  Follow me on my journey.