Why Adopting a Mature Cat is the Best Decision...

What greater gift than the love of a cat?
— Charles Dickens

I have 3 wonderful furry felines that I share my home with.  I love them very much, and they lead me to believe that they love me too.   What all of you may not know, is that I adopted all 3 of them separately as adults.  I highly recommend adopting adult cats, and this is why...

Bailey was about 3 years old when I adopted her from the Houston SPCA in November 2009.  My husband (boyfriend at the time) and I had just moved in together to a new apartment, and we were ready to expand from 2 beings to 3 beings.  Adding one without childbirth and dirty diapers.  My husband had never lived with an animal, so I was on the lookout for a mellow, soft and lovable feline.  We found her easily!

Her coat is extremely luxurious.

Her coat is extremely luxurious.

Jack was about 2 years old when I adopted him from the Houston SPCA in December 2012.  When I adopted him, he had burns on the pads of his feet from urine and feces that he was forced to walk on daily.  Through an animal communicator, at The Lightfoot Way, I discovered that he was neglected and starving in his last place of residence (I don't call a hoarder house, a home). He was aggressive towards other animals.  That day when I saw him at the shelter, though, I knew he needed to come home with me.  We were going to work through his issues together.

He's perfect now.

He's perfect now.

Asti was about 1 year old when I adopted her from the Harris County Shelter in April 2014.  My husband and I had just moved into our new house, and we had plenty of square feet to share with an addition.   I knew Jack was looking for a playmate, since Bailey didn't like to wrestle-play.  I saw her at the Petsmart adoption center for a few weeks, and kept coming back to her for some reason.  After 3 weeks, she was still unadopted so I changed that!  I honestly believe she chose me.

I couldn't resist this adorable face!  Look at her!

I couldn't resist this adorable face!  Look at her!

Asti now.  Looking cute is her game.

Asti now.  Looking cute is her game.

Why do I prefer to adopt adult cats?


  • They have reached maturity.

That means less chance of peeing on your bed, chewing cords, scratching your antique loveseat or waking you up for a feeding.  They know who they are, just like you know who you are.  That's what you look for in a life-partner, right?  They are proud to be that affectionate, stubborn, entertaining lap-cat.

  • They did nothing wrong.

There are 2 reasons why a cat ended up in the shelter: it was found as a stray or feral, or it was a owner surrender.  In either case, I guarantee you that the cat did nothing wrong.  The cat didn't "deserve" to be homeless.  In an owner surrender, I firmly believe that the human could have been more well educated about cat behavior and needs.  I do not accept that a cat is given up because "he/she was scratching the carpet".  Get this one, I have even heard "my cat no longer matches my decor."  Seriously, someone said that in a surrender.

  • They have a story just like yours.

Each of us have weathered our own storm.  Whether it be a bad break-up, a loss of a child, emotional neglect, sudden death, natural disaster such as a flood or fire, or domestic violence, etc.  You name it, and I bet there is a cat in every shelter that shares your story.  Wouldn't it be great to work through that trauma together?  The two of you can heal together.  That is beautiful.

  • They are appreciative.

When you adopt an adult cat to share that big life moment, such as getting married or moving into a new house, they know what's going on.  They are old enough to understand they were chosen to be a special part of your big moment.  They will remember it; I promise you.  So will you, every time you look at them.  You might even get a headbutt. 

  • They are strong.

They can defend themselves.  They will hunt to find you a gift in appreciation.  They can fall from 10 feet high and not injure themselves (unless you have a manx cat, like me, then that is not the case!).  Basically, they can kick-ass.

  • Their eyes tell a story.

Remember when you fell in the love the first time?  You would look deep into your lover's eyes and you get lost?  That's what it's like with your mature feline friend, every day.

  • They respect your schedule.

Wouldn't it be nice if someone knew your daily schedule better than you?  Well, if you adopt an adult cat, I bet they will pick up your schedule in under a week.  They will remind you hourly of where you should be, especially if that location is their food bowl.

  • Financially, it's cheaper.

The neuter/spay is likely taken care of.  The vaccinations are likely taken care of.  Now just sit back and relax.  That yearly check-up exam is all you'll likely need!

  • There is more selection.

Most people come into a shelter looking for a kitten, and there are only so many kittens.  There are a lot more adult cats.  Simply looking at the numbers, you have a wider selection of cats to choose from when adopting an adult.  You really can find the purrrrrfect friend.

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