Review: Purrfect Play Natural Organic Cat Toys

Get ready, this is a good one.  While at BlogPaws 2015 in Nashville, I met Pam Wheelock from Purrfect Play.  She introduced me to the brand and gave me a sample bag of cat toys.  What a treat!  Here's the breakdown:


My kitties don't wear collars, so I did not "try it on".  However, I thought the stitching, quality and strength of material was satisfactory.  I will be donating this item, so kitties who do wear collars can have one.

At first glance, I thought these were going to be my cat's favorite of the bunch.  They played a bit with the dust bunnies, but became bored with them.  In my observations, my cats prefer items with more weight, so that they go farther when batted.

It's big, heavy and FUN!  My cats enjoyed this toy once they took a swing at it.  It rolled all the way across the room in one hit.  They pull it out of the toy box often without any active play solicitation by me.

Hemp, catnip and a fun "tail" (as my cats saw it...)!  See the video below.  This one is a staple for my tabby, Bailey.  She loves that organic catnip!

What impresses me most about the brand is their values.  Here's just a few of the PAWSOME attributes:

What is there not to love about this company?  Cat-centric and Eco-centric? I'm hooked.  If you want to make a difference by being a conscious consumer, then this is an excellent way to do that.