Catlanna has been a great inspiration and help for me with my two mature aged cats. She helped me with one cat who lost her teeth from periodontal disease and would not eat, and gave me some good strategies that helped get her back to normal eating. She also helped me deal with a bad litter box behavior with my second cat. Catlanna is a compassionate and dedicated cat person whose aim is to help both the pet and it’s owner. She is spot on with many of her intuitions and recommendations, and I have enjoyed working with her. I highly recommend her services!
— J. Foster, 7/26/15
I adore Catlanna. She has provided services to me with two different cats. She helped my cat Boo stop urinating on our bed and she is still helping me with Boo’s issues with kicking poop outside of the litter box.

...Catlanna is kind, compassionate, professional, and full of love.
— A. Patton, 7/26/15
Catlanna is a beautiful person who really cares about cats! ... when my son decided to look after Clio after all, Catlanna offered him advice on why Clio might be peeing on the couch all of a sudden. The solution was simple and immediately effective. I highly recommend Catlanna!
— Z. Lightway, 7/25/15
Catlanna found me desperate and at my wit’s end when she began her quest to help me.
My two boys were spraying everywhere and were just trashing our house! I had tried everything, it seemed, but the spraying continued...and there was simply no way that I was getting rid of my cats.
Catlanna guided me to a situation where there is actually peace in our house. Being a multi pet family that seemed a daunting task, but within a very short time everyone found their place in the household. No more spraying!
I would highly recommend Catlanna to ANYONE needing help with their kitties or other fur kids - she seemed to take a very personal approach and involvement in our case and was there for me countless times.
Thank you, Catlanna - I sincerely believe that I couldn’t have done it without your help and support.
— S. Cookson, 7/18/15