Behavior Mod Package


Behavior Mod Package


Is your cat...

  • Scratching Furniture?
  • Vocalizing Excessively?
  • Eliminating Improperly?
  • Aggressive?
  • Fearful?
  • Stressed?

Feline Behavior Modification Package: This option is for people who have a complex problem and need guidance on how to create a happy home once again.  Behavior Modification Plan may include recommendation for additional follow-up appointments depending on the individual.  This package includes:

  • one 1 hour initial home consultation
  • one 30 minute follow-up call
  • 90 days of weekly email access
  • a written behavior modification plan

Follow-Up Appointments may be strongly suggested depending on severity of case.

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Travel fee may apply.

Remote appointments may be available for residents outside of Houston, TX.  Some behavior consultation packages will not be able to be conducted remotely due to nature of particular behavior problems, and must be addressed in-person only.  Client must be willing to extensively photograph their cat's living areas inside their home.  Contact with questions.

All client's cats are required to have visited a veterinarian within the last 6 months regarding the behavior problems.