Follow-Up Appointment


Follow-Up Appointment


Please choose this option if either:

  1. Your veterinarian has recommended for you to work with a feline behavior mod coach in conjunction with them, please purchase your session here.  Travel Fee may apply.
  2. You previously booked a feline behavior modification package with Catlanna, and need to book additional follow-up appointments.  Travel Fee may apply.

In-Home Option: Each session is 1 hour and is conducted in your home.   You and the referring veterinarian (if applicable) will receive a session report.

Remote Option: Remote appointments must be pre-approved by Catlanna.  A remote behavior modification package is required prior to a remote follow-up appointment. 

Both Remote and In-Home Include:

  • 60 minute consult via phone or skype or in-home
  • session report with additional recommendations
  • 90 days of weekly email access
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