Animal Communication


Animal Communication

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Animal communication is a heart-to-heart connection, where you sense an animal's emotions, feelings, desires and needs.

We aren't just cats.  All species are welcome.


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  • Species Level: 15 minutes of animal communication + 15 minutes recorded phone call
  • Genus Level: 30 minutes of animal communication + 30 minutes recorded phone call + typed notes
  • Order Level: 60 minutes of animal communication + 60 minutes recorded phone call + typed notes + 1 follow-up email

A general guideline is:

  • Pick Species Level if you have 3 simple questions, that can be answered with a yes, no or a short explanation. 
  • Pick Genus Level if you have 5 intermediate questions that require in-depth responses or follow-up questions.
  • Pick Order Level if you have 5 multi-level questions, that require sleuthing.  This is the best option for behavior problems.


  • Half of the allotted time is animal communication between myself and your animal (not on phone call).  The other half of the session, will include a phone call where I will go over the notes, answer your questions and use any remaining time with live messages.  This allows for the most efficient and effective use of our time.
  • One animal per session.  
  • One subject per session: health, behavior, life before adoption, lost animal, departed animal, or other.  
  • All questions per session need to relate to the same subject.  
  • Book an several sessions if you have more than one subject to cover, or more than one animal to include.
  • If your situation does not fit into any of the above selections, please email with specific request.

Travel is available for local clients for an additional fee.  Owned and operated by Catlanna LLC.